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The Big Canadian banks are not the only option when it comes to your mortgage financing needs in Vancouver, Langley, Surrey and across BC. We work closely with many private BC lenders to help get you the financing you absolutely deserve.

Are you Self-employed? Do you have Bad or Poor Credit? We can help get you the mortgage you need.

We understand many people all across BC do not always conform to the big bank's ever-growing list of complicated rules and regulations. I will work hard to help you obtain the financing that fits your exact needs and situation.

I work with many private and alternative mortgage lenders and institutions that are able to provide funding for higher-risk mortgages across BC.

Check out our Guide about private mortgages in Langley and Surrey as well.

Contact me to see what options you have and how we can help you get the financing you deserve.

Common questions we receive about people looking for a private mortgage in Vancouver, Langley, Surrey and across BC

We are able to work with individuals from anywhere across BC to help them get the private mortgage and financing they need

I am looking to get a private mortgage because my credit is not great. Can you help me out?

I have bad credit but have the money to pay for a higher rate mortgage. Is a private mortgage a good choice?

Can you help me access private mortgage lenders for bad credit situations?

Do you provide private mortgage or alternative funding to people in Vancouver?

Do you provide alternative mortgage funding to people anywhere in BC?

Can you do what's called a 'hard money' mortgage? Are the rates higher?

Are you able to help self employed people in the Lower Mainland get into a mortgage?

What mortgage options are there for private lending in BC?

The answer is yes we can help you with private mortgage lending to people from anywhere across BC.
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